Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My heart goes out to all the people who lost their lives and others their livelihoods. The estimates of deaths are now reaching the tens of thousands and the full extent of the destruction is being revealed to be devastating and will take time to recover. I hope that the Japanese receive aid and are able to pull out of this horrible disaster. They have given the world a lot in the way of tech and are on the cutting edge of many tech fields like robotics and crazy randomness in terms of inventions.

This video shows the kind of destruction that ripped its way through Japan.

On a related note I hope global enthusiasm for nuclear power doesn't dissolve from this disaster. The Japanese are very competent people who have managed to control the situation very well. People are comparing this to a new Chernobyl, while this could be an apt comparison, it is not as technology has increased greatly since the time of that nuclear disaster.

At Chernobyl the Russians wanted to cut costs so they removed as many possible safety measures untill it all went BOOM! I dream of a future of much cleaner energy, and nuclear fission seems like one of the best ways to accomplish this goal.


  1. Such a trajedy, They need all teh support they can get

  2. What happened in Japan is a travesty, I really hope they recover quickly from the disaster. Also, I agree with you on the nuclear power point, I would hate for people to turn away from nuclear power just because of what Japan is going through...

  3. nuclear power is not going away, the fukushima plant was biuld 40 years ago using generation 2 nuclear facilities stated to wisthand up to level 7 earthquakes, the thing that destroyed fukushima was the tsunami.

    new power plants of generation 3 suposedly can hold up to level 12 earthquakes which in my opinion is overkill.

  4. good choice of a video ive never seen this one... very upsetting :(