Saturday, March 12, 2011

Random Paper I wrote, just thought someone on the internet might find it interesting

From the Colonial Archives AE 374
Written and compiled by George Liber

What is it, which drives men to madness? How may you stand in the way of change? The answer lies within the deepest part of the soul. In this war-torn age of technology, the very nature of being has been lost. Unable to find it, many wars and calamities have struck. When your god has abandoned you, where do you go? Where can you go? You must turn to what you have: technology.
Computers, Advanced thinking machines. Evolving, disturbingly human mannerisms… What was once a thing of the past is now a necessity. Look around you, and you will see it. The systems of light, air and water! Our existence is damned without it. But damned it is with it, too. This has always been, even before the Tearing. Great estates, cities, homes, and countries- in our minds or otherwise- built from the ground up with technology! An awesome sight indeed, but a doomed one.
It was always known that this utopia of technological ecstasy would ultimately die. The great concrete monolith in which we all live- the Block- which was the keeper of our lives and the death of society; all was foretold. And by whom, but all of us! The men, women and children! All of them dead… Life now exists only in the Block. The systems control the people, bending them to their will. A fake existence in a fake society. Even the air is false; toxic, laced with poisons of the mind. All playing its part in our downfall.
Those chemicals are what led to the sterility. No more births… The application of genetic engineering is the only thing that keeps our society on the edge and above the water. But after so many generations, this false sense of being would die too. This social amnesiac swept through the Block like the plague it was. The once desolate and unlivable outside world was transformed in the eyes of the people to a brilliant paradise, and the Block, the only salvation from war, became like a prison that no one could ever leave.
The fortress was built upon one of the few remaining untouched lands, inside of Death Valley, the prison for the remainders of humanity was constructed. The city was designed to be self-sufficient, however many things broke down over the years and slowly brought The Block to a corroded concrete deathtrap that would bring trouble to all sheltered under it's massive roof. This seemingly perfect sanctuary had become a prison that held all vestiges of humanity underneath it's concrete roof.
Control, oppression, and above all, corruption, these three parasitic devices of death were in place from the very beginning. The makeshift government inside the Block quickly vanished. One elite group, the Command Defense Force, rose to power. With a tyrannical rage the CDF crushed any and all opposition. To keep the masses in their favor, they told the denizens of the block about the outside world; its destroyed cities, the acrid stench of death, the unlivable atmosphere.
Not that the atmosphere inside the Block was any better. Inside, all the systems of life were regulated by machines. Air was filtered by giant conduits on the ceiling of the structure, hidden from view by the artificial sun. Water coolers and storage tanks were tucked away underneath the corrugated floor beneath the buildings. In many ways, the Block was much like a normal city, albeit contained inside of a concrete shell. At a colossal six-hundred miles long, three-hundred miles wide, and three miles high, the Block was a giant among other structures. It was an engineering masterpiece, the opus of modern architecture.
Yet with so much progress there came tragedy. The bio-mechanical implants that were created to work with organ failures now were being exploited to create a new faction of super-criminals. Black market implants allowed anyone with enough money to obtain a Brain Control Interface and gain access to the Network; the cyberspace realm patrolled by CDF Adepts, linking all parts of the Block together. It was a sort of virtual reality where systems could be monitored and repaired with the careful hands of a computerized avatar. Despite varied attempts by hackers to bring down the CDF's Network, they always stayed one step ahead. The Network was able to link into many different areas of the Block and allowed the hackers to gain some measure of power in the tumultuous realm surrounding them. This control could be executed in many ways by the denizens of the Network, from stealing credits to taking control of the very systems that controlled the Block.
Technicians engineered special suits: total white battle armor capable of withstanding even a direct hit from a rocket. Armored vehicles, tanks, and specialized helicopters... All used and created by the CDF for keeping the rebellious citizens in check. Be it by force or propaganda, the elite military force kept the Block under their command, ensuring that no one could get out.
A rebellion soon came. It was not just out in the concrete city, but in the Network, too. Skilled hackers and Adepts tested wits often over the control of the life-support systems that controlled life in the Block. Rebel fighters armed with stolen CDF weaponry fought long and hard for control of territory. They tried and tried again, always decimated by the superior Command Defense Force. It seemed an end to the war was inevitable, in favor of the CDF. The people knew this. An end was coming, A final stand.
It would be a battle the people of the block would feel around the world for the rest of human life.
End of Report.

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